Bands for Best Wireless AC router

Bands for Best Wireless AC router

Sep 21, 2016

Bands are the common terminology that is used while looking for wireless AC routers. There are two different types of bands used for wireless routers. The bands available are single band router or the dual band router. Band is the term used for the range of the router. Better the range of the router the speed and connectivity of the network and data connection will be fast. The best wireless AC routers thus will be having bands with high frequency, high speed, and proper network connectivity. The choice of the bands also depends on the space for which you are looking a wireless AC router.

Single band router: The single band wireless routers are the ones with weaker signal compared to the dual-band wireless routers. The range of the single band routers is not that far compared to the dual band routers. However, this does not mean that single band routers are not worth buying. Further, the single-band wireless router is the best wireless AC router for small apartments and when you require a wireless router connection for a small office and thus will fulfil all your requirement for data and network with full speed and connectivity.

best wireless ac router

Dual band router: Unlike the single band router, the range and network of the dual-band router are far better. The reason for this is that the dual band router is operating on the multiple signal bands. The dual-band routers are the perfect routers when you require awireless connection for a large office or a company/ factory or even homes with multiple rooms and where there are many mobiles that require wireless network then one should go for a dual-band wireless AC router.

The dual band router operates on two frequencies, that is, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, whereas the single band only operates on 2.4GHz. Thus, the interface will be much less for dual-band router compared to the single-band routers, making them the best wireless AC routers useful for multiple users at one time.


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