What are the common causes of sciatica?

Sciatica is the common health problem that is observed in adults and sometimes in young people. These cause severe pain in the back and lower limbs of the people. There are many medications and therapies available to overcome this health issue, but one has to embrace the right treatment to get rid of this unbearable pain in a few weeks. However, one of the natural and safe ways to get rid of this problem is by embracing Glen program. This program gives the formula and various exercises that a patient has to carry out every day. This helps people to fight against this severe pain in a few days. In fact, this program will help people get relief from the pain permanently and in an economical way.

Basically, one should know about the causes of these lower back disorders. Ideally, when people are attacked with sciatica, they experience mild to acute pain in their right or left leg. The key cause of this problem is due to compression of more than 5 sets of nerve roots in the back. And, this problem is called as Radiculopathy. In medical terminology, this means numbness, pain and weakness in arms and legs that are caused due to a problem in the nerve root. Basically, the lower back of the body is mostly affected due to this problem, so it is called as lumbar radiculopathy.

Here are a few common causes of douleur sciatique

comment soigne une sciatique

Lumbar bulging disc: This is also called as a contained disc disorder. The nucleus pulposus remains are contained within the annulus fibrosus of the disc. When this problem occurs, the nerve roots and tissues are compressed resulting in sciatica. This cause severe pain and inflammation, thus leading to weak muscles and numbness

Lumbar spinal stenosis: This is the common cause of douleur sciatique that is seen in adults. In this nerve compression disorder, patients are prone to severe leg pain. This pain is experienced by the people when they stand, walk, and sit in different poses. When the nerve roots branch outside the passageways, then the passageways become too narrow and results in compression of nerve.

Spondylolisthesis: This is the common problem that has a severe impact on the lumbar spine. In this, the vertebra slips over to the adjacent vertebra. When this vertebra is misplaced or slips, then it results in nerve compression and leading to sciatica. This problem can become chronic by lifting heavy weights.


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