Cancer: a dangerous disease

The widespread use of antibiotics has made these microbe killers less effective. These days, terrible diseases like cancer seem never to get cured; Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are causing untold problems for many families; doctors’ surgeries are brimming with people will all kinds of ailments. Yet billions of pounds, euros and dollars go into research, and nothing seems to come to fruition.

When was the last time a genuine cure for anything developed? We often read and hear about great advances in medicine and treatments, but it always seems to be the same old story … such as:

Well, it sells newspapers, and the authors of such reports get their kudos… plus presumably other benefits. Why go to all the trouble otherwise?

"steinzeit ernährung rezepte"

There is something wrong with our immune systems. The only way to recover from illness is when the immune system overcomes the problem. Good health means a good natural immune system. If the immune system goes haywire, it may cause Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare but serious condition of the peripheral nervous system. We are losing minerals in our food. Minerals are the fundamental source and the basic building blocks of life. These are believed to be present in fresh fruits and vegetables, and basic foodstuffs like milk, cheese, steinzeit ernährung rezepte ,and beef and chicken.To get more information check

It is now apparent that this belief is wrong…

During the last 70 years or so the level of iron, a vital mineral for good health, and the efficiency of steinzeiternährungrezeptehas fallen by 55% on an average. At the same time magnesium has increased by 21%, and calcium is also on a very, much lower side. In fact, every mineral except the three used to fertilize today’s farmland soils (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) is anywhere from 10% to 40% lower than it was 70 years ago.


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