Mommies can continue use of Carrageenan

As the fires of misconceptions continue to spread, even the moms got scared of the infant formulae which they had been giving to their children from a long time. Sometime back a report which was prepared about the toxic Carrageenan in fact has been reanalyzed to ensure that it was a wrong report and the material tested was poligeenan which has an harsh process of extraction and includes acid involvement.


What is the fact about Carrageenan?

So skipping infant formulae is not possible because it gives nutrition to children at early stage, and when you talk about Carrageenan, it is this material which is responsible for stabilizing these nutrients in the infant formulae. This means your child is incomplete without infant formulae and infant formulae is incomplete without Carrageenan. So why not have a complete information about this much important additive? Even the WHO has approved that it is safe to take Carrageenan when taken in correct amount and does not impact any growth of baby. So next time when you go to buy coconut milk or almond milk from your store near by and you see Carrageenan as its ingredient, then don’t get confused or think twice, in fact go ahead with it because it makes your good delicious, stable and in fact gives thick texture.

Final Thoughts

So if you read next time that this particular additive can cause inflammation, be clear it is not Carrageenan, in fact it is the other extract from same moss which is harmful and was the one cause indigestion problem when was researched in lab. Carrageenan is as important as your nutrients otherwise there would have been no taste and no texture of milk or even of your favourite chocolates. Are you still thinking to stop the use?