What are some awesome things that can be done with a PS4

There are great things that can be done with a PS4 and that are why most companies to run effective marketing strategies and campaigns have a ps4 bundle giveaway.

Some of the best features that are of the Playstation 4 are that you can link your PS Vita to it. The PS Vita acts as a secondary player and you can carry the display to this screen which is portable. This works well with people who are in one room and the system is not in the same room as the one they are playing in.

The PS4 comes with USB saving. In fact, you do not need to save on the cloud and you can transfer the advancement of the game onto the USB stick. All you need to do is to choose this in the settings under storage.

The Playstation 4 comes with a number of video apps. These apps are not only easy to install but they install fast and look good as well.

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If you are waiting to download a heavy sized game you can do so in standby mode and this way you do not need to wear down the system. All that is needed is that the system needs to be activated to a standby mode.

There is a color coded bar which comes at the top of the controller. This is used for games which require motion capability. For example, when the user plays a game like tomb raider, when the torch is lit, this turns red.

You can even share videos to social media, it allows for live streaming and even you can take screenshots of your accomplishments on the game and advertise it on your social media page.

These are just some of the features which most brilliant marketing strategists are aware of and so they offer ps4 bundle giveaway to entice footfall on the site.

How a profession as game tester helps a person

How a profession as game tester helps a person

Jun 23, 2016

There is an increase in the gaming field these days. A lot of people are there who are trying to get a good job in this field and are gaining enormous success as well. If you are among the many people who are willing to get some of the finest career made then having a go at this job can be considered to be a good option. Game testing is a career which is loved by most of the people. If you are a professional gamer and you have knowledge on most of the games then you can easily become a tester. Like other IT fields or industries, whenever an application is developed, it goes through the testing phase and later it is publicly announced, in a similar manner, whenever the games are developed they go through the testing phase.


A game tester is a person who scrutinizes each and every detail of the game before actually publicly releasing in the market. The main reason of testing the games is to know the potential of the game and also to ensure that the game which is developed has the ability to attract the attention of various gamers. The testers are chosen from those who play games throughout the day and consider themselves as hardcore gamers. They will be able to evaluate the game’s capacity easily and help the people to know the various things that are currently available.

In order to test a particular game, there are various tools which can be used and among the various tools, a person needs to identify the one which will best suit the profession. These tools tend to come with proper instruction manuals so that there will be no issue for the person while testing the same. Testers need to send feedback to the developers depending on which they can strategize a plan.