Different Types of Motorcycle Gloves for Men

Different Types of Motorcycle Gloves for Men

Oct 7, 2016

The increasing numbers of motorcycles on roads have also increased the number of accidents. Thus, one need to be careful while riding a motorcycle on the roads especially on the highways and on roads with lots of traffic and also accident prone curves. Use of helmets has been made compulsory by the Government, but the use of motorcycle gloves for men and women is also important while riding the motorcycle. One can purchase the motorcycle gloves online using the website http://carandbiker.co/best-motorcycle-gloves-reviewed/.

Types of motorcycle glove for men

There are many types of motorcycle gloves for men having many functions and designs:

  1. Men’s bomber glove by Fox head: These gloves provide full protection to your hand while you are riding the motorcycle. The glove is made of leather and the knuckles part is moulded to provide a proper The palm is made up of the double layer in order to provide extra protection to hands from injuries from the road. The leather is perforated for easy breathability.

motorcycle gloves for men

  1. Men’s full finger outdoor gloves cycling/motorcycle gloves by Freetoo: This glove is made of nylon material. The design of the gloves is with plastic moulded knuckles to provide protection to the hands from abrasions. The palms of the gloves are also strengthened for extra protection while riding a motorcycle. The Freetoo gloves are flexible enough so that you can move the fingers easily which makes the riding easy. The material used for these gloves is a light-weight, durable,and breathable fabric which is comfortable to use while driving.
  2. 20300-L voyager motorcycle gloves by StrongSuit: These voyager leather gloves are built of high-grade leather made of cowhide. This is perfect for protection of the hands against impact. The design of the knuckles is made with integrated armour for extra protection and they reflect on improving visibility at night. The gloves give a stylish look along with protection to hands with perfect grip.